Fitness and Beer Work Together at Common Roots Brewing Company

Fitness and beer work together at Common Roots Brewing Company

Inside the bar is bustling, a typical Wednesday mix of regulars, tourists, beer fanatics, and the occasional dog. They chat over fresh pours or flights of beer and the wood-fired pizza guy flurries around delivering hot pies. Outside, a gathering starts to swell.

Trunks fly open as bikes of all shapes and sizes appear, their riders clad in jerseys and shirts of every color. Dozens continue to arrive ahead of the event of the evening, Gears and Beers. Word of this weekly bike ride has traveled among local cyclists. This hour-long jaunt is part fitness, part love of beer, but mostly the camaraderie of enjoying it together.

The philosophy at Common Roots Brewing Company is about the balance between work, customer relationships, and a healthy lifestyle. This ethic comes from the top down, where owners Christian and Bert Weber actively participate in weekly group rides and runs from the brewery.

Christian proudly explains how health makes a happy brewery.

“Promoting healthy lifestyles are part of our company ethos,” he said. “We want to be a good community steward and also concentrate on workplace wellness for our employees.”

In addition to weekly staff yoga, employees at the brewery are encouraged to join in on weekly group runs and bike rides. Most are also involved in training or sports, from rock climbing to triathlons. Even on non-group days, usually at least one runner or rider rambles out of the brewery for training or fun.

Common Roots Brewing Company is located at 58 Saratoga Avenue, South Glens Falls, NY. Trails and Ales group runs are Monday at 6:30pm and both walkers and runners are encouraged to join. Gears and Beers group bike rides are Wednesday at 6:30pm. Athletes of all levels and abilities are welcome. More information about these and other brewery events is available at