Brewing Something for Everyone at Adirondack Pub & Brewery

By Ian Quillinan
Marketing Manager | Adirondack Brewery 


There’s no doubt that in the past few years we’ve seen a major increase in hard ciders, seltzers, and many other “spiked” beverages. With such a massive variety of beer already in the marketplace is there a reason for the increase of hard seltzers and ciders?


The biggest difference you’ll see when comparing beer to cider and seltzer is that cider and seltzer are naturally gluten-free. This is due to cider and seltzer being fermented from fruit juice or sugar rather than grain, which is how beer is produced. Basically, anyone that cannot consume gluten, or just prefers not to, will choose cider or seltzers instead of beer.


Having gluten-free products was one of the main driving factors behind Adirondack Brewery wanting to produce its own hard cider and seltzers, other than the obvious benefit of adding to our diverse inventory. Now, anyone who loves our brand, but needs or prefers a gluten-free option has it. Another great benefit from our hard cider and seltzer is that we use real fruit juice for flavoring which contains lots of antioxidants and vitamins. There is no arguing with the fact that our hard cider and seltzer are a great option for pretty much anyone.


Here’s what we’ve got in the line-up.



Adirondack Craft Hard Seltzer


This line of all-natural hard seltzer delivers the perfect balance of flavor and refreshment all while giving you some peace of mind knowing you’re drinking something made with 100% all-natural ingredients. Made with real fruit juice, alkaline water, and fermented cane sugar our hard seltzers are naturally gluten-free. No artificial flavors or dyes are ever used in any of our products.


Currently available in three flavors (All 5% ABV): Cranberry Lime, Raspberry Lemonade, and Lemon Grapefruit. You can pick up a 4 Pack at the Pub or try whichever flavor we currently have
on tap.



Farmhouse Craft Hard Cider


Our delicious, craft hard cider is produced from a blend of 100% New York State McIntosh, Gala, Empire, and Spygold apples freshly picked and blended to our unique formula. Fermented in stainless steel with a chardonnay yeast. At 5% ABV, this semi-sweet cider is perfect for just about anyone. Our hard cider is also naturally gluten free! Farmhouse is available in 16oz. Can 4 Packs at the Pub as well as many local retailers. You can also try it on tap at our Pub.



What’s New at the Pub?


As mask mandates have lifted and social gathering is beginning to feel normal again, we have added tables to our outdoor seating area, as well as expanding our outdoor area into the parking lot. This has allowed us to serve more guests, and also to give people different zones to hang out and enjoy a beverage.


With the months of September and October boasting a number of events both in Lake George Village, and here at the Pub, we’re gearing up for some really awesome gatherings.


Here’s what we’ve got in the lineup:


ADK 5K Run – Sat. September 18th
Lake George Village Oktoberfest – Columbus Day Weekend, October 8th – 10th
Adirondack Brewery Oktoberfest – Sat. October 16th
Pumpkin Chunkin’ – Sat. November 6th


The Pub is currently open:

Mon-Tues: CLOSED
Wed-Thurs: 4pm -10pm
Fri-Sun: 11:30am-10pm


Keep an eye out for our products at many area retailers like Stewart’s, Hannaford, PriceChopper, Walmart, Tops, Independent Deli Stores, and local beverage centers.


Employment Opportunities


We are currently hiring staff for many positions including servers, food runners, and kitchen staff. There are part-time and full-time positions available both year-round or just for the season. This is the perfect starting position offering great pay ($15-$20/Hr.) and is a fun and energetic work environment. For more info on hiring contact our General Manager James: McReynolds at 518-321-1306 or [email protected].