Tastes, Sights, and Sounds

When you think about the Adirondack Craft Beverage Trail, what comes to mind? The great craft beverages you’re going to taste? The fascinating makers that you’ll meet at each stop? Maybe the great views you’ll see while you traverse the trail?

All of these are definitely things you’re going to see. But one that you may have missed, and one that we see, are the fantastic small businesses that each of these craft beverage makers are. Each one has a staff, pays taxes, contributes to the local economy, and have woven themselves into the fabric of the region.

Not only do they create all these tasty craft beverages, but they also have to bottle, label, package, ship, and sell these beverages. This can’t be done by one person, and in many cases one company. They contract with other local companies to do the production, design, distribution, and other aspects of the company.  These funds that are spread throughout our local community are essential to keeping it vibrant.

A recent study conducted in NYS took a look at the economic impact of just the craft beer industry in the State, studies on other craft beverages are coming soon. What they found is $450 million are brought in annual in tourism dollars, $277 million is in brewery revenue, $748 million was brought in in State and Local taxes, and many other economic impacts were discovered. All in all, the craft beer industry alone, accounted for total economic impact of $3.5 billion, IN ONE YEAR!

So while you’re on the trail enjoying the craft beverages, meeting the friendly and interesting makers, enjoying the scenery our region has to offer, don’t forget, each one is a small business. Small businesses are the life-blood of this, and all areas of the country. Thank you for patronizing them and we hope you visit all the other business in the southern Adirondack, northern Capital District of NY.