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2781 U.S. 9, North Hudson, NY, USA
2781 U.S. 9 North Hudson New York 12855 US

Paradox Brewery

Founded in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains where the air is crisp, the water is pure and people take the time to do things the right way. Whether that’s building the perfect campfire, taking in high-peaks views, or crafting beer that captures what it means to be in the ADKs. There are no shortcuts when brewing Pure Adirondack Beer.

The foundation of our beer is the water we use which can only be found in the granite 600 ft. below the Adirondack Park. Water that is so pure, it needs no filtering or treatment before we brew it with the best malts and hops we can find. We combine these ingredients with our passion for great beer and the result is Pure Adirondack Beer.

Contract Brewing

Paradox Brewery is currently extending its services to offer contract brewing.  Our brand new 25,000 square foot brewery contains a state-of-the-art 40 HL (~35 BBL) GEA Craft-Star brewhouse; a GEA-Westfalia centrifuge, capable of running hot and cold products; and a CFT canning line that runs at 100 CPM with minimal dissolved oxygen pickup. Both pale and pilsner malt silos are gently conveyed by a chain disk to our GEA wet mill ensuring our malt is undamaged and efficiencies well above 95% are achieved with no damage to malt husks.

This new facility offers the ideal space for the extension of our services into contract brewing with hopes of helping small breweries achieve their volume goals. If this is something you are interested in or potentially an interest of someone you know, contact our Head Brewer and Director of Operations, Devon Hamilton at [email protected].